Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homeward Bound!

We are now on our way back to America! We had an unbelievable time in South Korea! We will be posting all about our amazing adventures in the days to come!

Sorry that we could not keep you super up to date but we were very busy all the time and needed rest to protect our voices!

P.S. - FEBC, Far East Broadcasting Company, had an artist in-house made caricatures of us! Ridiculous!







The Group!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finish Strong, Guys!

The guys have had an incredible trip and will have lots to share when they have a moment to catch their breath! Thank you for your prayers and support. On their final day in Seoul, the guys will be performing for a chapel service for the Seoul FEBC staff and a concert at the Hanyoung Foreign Language High School before heading to the airport to return to the U.S. Finish strong, guys!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All Aboard!

After our second performance we ran out of the church and jumped into our van. We had to be boarding our train in 50 minutes and it was going to take at least 40 minutes to drive there. We drove fast, ran through the station, and got onto the platform just in time!

We are now sweaty and on a train going over 300kph through South Korea! We are traveling from Gwangmyeong to Ulsan where we will be staying tonight.

We were given two bags to transport that belong to President Barry Corey, we plan on holding the contents for ransom.

We have two more performances today and both are 5 song sets. We will get a little tired, pray for strength! So many amazing people, places, and events! The hospitality is overwhelming!

Second Sunday Performance!

For our second performance we sang at Sae Eden Church!

The daughter of the pastor of music, Song, was our host. She spoke great English and made fun of our lack of chopstick skills. We gave her an autographed King's Men CD.

First Sunday Performance!

We are about to sing for the Sunday Service at Cornerstone Christian Academy - Antioch Church! One of our four performances today!

Dr Billy Kim and President Barry Corey are in Attendance!