Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Recap!

On Friday we boarded our connecting flight from Beijing, China to Incheon, South Korea. We got off the plane after a total of 14.5 hours in an airplane over 2 flights!

We gathered our luggage and we cleared customs and we met up with Jin (left) and Taek (right) (pronounced "Tech", we say "Hi Taek!" and it sounds like high-tech). These two men are employees from FEBC, Far East Broadcasting Company.

They have been our contacts and managers for us in Seoul and what a blessing they have been to us! It has also been so much fun bringing them along in the craziness of 6 American boys. I know that they have loved the time spent with us so far! Jin, or Dae-jin Jang, is a famous disc-jockey for FEBC and we have been able to listen to his prerecorded program while we drive. He told us that the week before we arrived they promoted our CD with a lot of airtime! Our songs are being played on the largest Christian Radio station in South Korea! Is this real life? Jin is married and has 3 boys! And Taek, or In-Taek Hwang, is also an employee of FEBC and is involved with international promotion, and photography. He is currently dating and will soon be engaged!

They then took on us many tours of the President's current house Cheongwadae or "Blue House", the King's Palace Gyeongbokgung, and a little bit around Seoul!

After the outside tours we were given a tour of a cultural heritage center by Jeanie, and she was amazing! We were able to have so much fun with her and she told us that she was a Christian and that she had never been able to tell anyone that on a tour before

We invited her to our performance that night but she had plans. :(

After the tours we grabbed and amazing Korean meal with many surprising tastes and textures!

 Friday evening we were able to perform at Yoido Full Gospel Church! We performed for over 30,000 people from the people who were there to satellite churches and to all the online viewers!

Photo Thiago took of the live feed to our greenroom of the audience Friday night!

Unbelievable first day! It was clear from the beginning that God was going to use our ministry in Korea in amazing ways, but that we would also be ministered to by the Korean people is a blessing like none other!

I wrote this recap at 5:00 am on Sunday morning before we left for the day! More recaps to come! You just wait for Saturday!

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